‘This Man Took The HIGH Moral Ground’


This was the pun Seven News used in their voice over for images of me climbing Mantle Mining’s drill rig in Bacchus Marsh to protest the insanity of attempting to start exporting brown coal in a world dangerously close to the brink of catastrophic climate change.

I have to say, I’ve always been slightly weary of Seven news. I’ve seen a lot of pieces they’ve done in the past that made me feel there is a strong right-wig bias at the station. And during Climate Justice Fast! their news room was apparently even quite nasty towards my friend Mel who was trying to act as our publicist.

But on this day, they were honestly lovely. Margaret Dekker, the journalist who filed this piece, was sharp and friendly, and the piece is very reasonable:

I think that sometimes when you’re right you’re just right, and it’s hard for nearly anyone to disagree that productive farmland should be protected from being taken by mining companies. Even the police and local council out at Bacchus seemed supportive of our action, albeit behind a professional distance.

Ten news filed this piece:

In addition, Ten forwarded on a snippet of our footage to The Project, bestowing on me the great honour of being made fun of by the hilarious Dave Hughes:

As another nice little bonus from the action, Andrew Bolt wrote a blog about me! Nothing warms an activist’s heart more than some derision from Andrew, as it is a sure sign you’re threatening to make some kind of positive change in society. As usual, his blog was full of lies and misrepresentations. He says for example that I had said in 2009 that I was on a ‘total fast’. Not sure who he’s quoting with those quote marks though, as no-one in CJF ever said anything of the sort. We promised to eat again if our demands were met, but never said anything about guaranteeing we would fast to death.

I wrote to Andrew in response, challenging him to a debate about coal and climate, but no response has been forthcoming at this stage. I live in hope.