Go Count Your Money

Listen: Go Count Your Money

Take me from this violence
Trampled in a stampede
Millions of acquaintances

Drowning in the shallows
Please don’t live in shadows
Let me see you small and frail

I’ve been thinking so long
Of what I’ll say to you
As I save you

What are you worth?/Who do you work for?
What do you do?/What is it to you?
When do you get out of here?

So count your money/Don’t rock the boat
Have some mercy/Along with your hatred
I’ll be waiting here for you

Go count your money I’ll get the Vaseline
I’ll give you a smile if you bark like a dog for me
And if you want a smorgasbord we’ll get one for your decadent horror show

You can never know
What’s in store for you
What’s in store for you

Let it go
Let it fall
Let it go